Immerse Works

Supported browsers

Immerse Works is a suite of web applications that makes use of many modern technologies, standards, and practices and as a result, it is not compatible with some older browsers. Below is a list of browsers that our development team works with and tests against.

Even though browsers other than the ones listed on this page may still work, we highly recommend using one of the ones listed below, as other browsers could interpret our code in unexpected ways. These differences could arise in the form of minor inconveniences such as broken layouts or inoperable buttons, to more severe issues where data loss, or even data corruption, could occur. We may therefore block access to Immerse Works from certain browsers that have known incompatibilities in order to protect your data.

Browsers that are supported by Immerse Works

The Immerse Works system is compatible with the following browsers:

Reporting browser incompatibilities

If you find an issue with Immerse Works and a browser listed above, please get in touch with our customer success team to ensure this is rectified.