What’s new in version 2.0.0

August 3, 2020

We are always trying to improve the Immerse Works experience for our users. We do this by regularly providing useful features as well as fixing those pesky bugs. With the advent of version 2.0.0, we are excited to share with you what we have been working on for the past few weeks. We have also taken this opportunity to look around and make some changes under the hood, this will allow us to provide you with even richer and more immersive experiences further down the line.

Support is still available between the opening times of 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri, and you can still get in touch by email or by our office phone number.

Here's an update on what's we've been working on, if you've got any questions or need any system support you can reach us by emailing support@immerse.works

What's New?

Slick Theme (Beta). The look and feel of Immerse Works is changing! Introducing the new Slick theme, whilst it’s still only in beta we’re rolling it out for you all to use. To change to this new theme simply find the new themes dropdown by clicking on the configure button whilst on the home menu

Report Builder Upgrades. We’ve improved the report builder!
Timesheets are now an option in the report builder, you can now create custom reports which include descriptions, start time, end time and durations. Allowing you to keep track of those hours like never before. 

We’ve also tidied up the way in which the reports are exported, now when exporting a report each area will have its own separate sheet in the document. All to help those of you who create extra-large reports. 

Welcome Email Improvements.
Sending welcome emails has just been made a lot more personal. You are now able to select an individual user to send the welcome email out to. On top of that, we have also added the option to resend the welcome email to an individual in case the email does get lost somewhere along the way. Simply head to the People page, find your user, click on the drop-down and click on Send/Resend Welcome Email.

Bug Fixes

  • When trying to login with Microsoft Edge version 42/17 users would not have been able to log in. These users can now log in without any worries.
  • The system was refusing to make the leavers leave. Fixed a bug where you couldn’t delete leavers.
  • Competencies appeared in a random order, we’ve made it so they will now appear in alphabetical order.
  • Removing a user when they were a leader of a business unit caused the business unit to disappear. This isn’t really fair on anyone else who was assigned so we stopped this from happening.
  • When creating a new Holiday Profile the system would sometimes error when selecting the dates. You can now select any dates you wish.
  • When viewing the team holidays views page there was a visual bug meaning users could see the admin buttons. We’ve rectified this so users no longer think they have the ability to book holidays for others. 
  • When searching for a holiday on the "All Holidays" page, the delete button would not always work correctly. We’ve fixed this so you can now delete any holiday you want.
  • When you had over 100 users on the system the All Holidays - monthly view page wouldn’t allow you to progress past the first page. You can now click on the arrows at the bottom of the page to progress. 
  • When trying to accept holidays with Internet Explorer 11 the system often did not respond. We have now made it so this is not the case.

That's all for now, stay safe!

Customer Success Team
Immerse Works