Setting up the Performance Ratings.

What is the review performance rating?

At the end of the review process, there is the option to add a review rating. This review rating is a way that a manager can grade the overall performance of their direct report.

Creating performance ratings.

To create a performance rating you first need to head to the admin page via the cog in the top left-hand corner. You can find the link for Review Performance Ratings located under the Reviews heading. If you click on this you will be taken to the Review Performance Rating page.

When on this page you will find all of the review ratings that are currently on the system, as well as having options to create a new rating and edit end delete preexisting ones. 

To create a new rating simply click on the actions button in the top left and then on Add a New Performance Rating

Simply add a title and description and you're done!

After doing all this you should have a review that's ready to go!