Setting up Objectives.

What are objectives?

An Objective is an aim for a user this usually consists of where the user wants to go in the future and their goals. Normally they are a statement of purpose such as: "I want to develop my Excel skills". An objective is an excellent way to break a strategy down into a set of achievable targets. With a formal review, a user is able to assign objectives against themselves and mark their progress. They can then discuss these with their manager who is able to edit these objectives and make comments. Whilst the objectives are made on a user level, as an admin you are able to create categories for objectives that allow for easier reporting. This part of the article is all about how you set up these categories. 

Creating objective categories.

Whilst you don't necessarily need objective categories when it comes to creating your reviews, they are incredibly useful for reporting purposes. They create an extra heading that is useful for grouping certain objectives together.

To create Objective categories simply head to the admin page and click on Objective Categories which is found under the Reviews heading.

This then opens the Objective Categories page which is where you can find all current categories on the system. Similarly to other parts of Immerse Works, you can edit and delete these categories by clicking on Actions. 

To create a new category, click on actions in the top right and click on Add Objective Category simply add the new title and click on save. And that's it your done! Now when a user is creating their objectives they can choose from these categories.

Some examples of categories can be seen below:

- Revenue and Financial Performance
- Activity Management 
- Client Management
- Business Development
- Project Management
- Supplier Management
- Financial Management