Assigning Competencies to Job Specifications.

Once the competencies have been created, you can then assign these to a job specification. This needs to be done so that competencies can appear in a user's review. You can do this by first heading to Job Specifications which is located under the General heading on the Admin page. This will then bring you to an overview page which shows all Jobs that are currently set up on the system. (Find out how to set up new Job Specifications here: Job Specifications - How do I create a new Job Specification?).

To add competencies to a job specification you will need to have a preexisting existing job specification already created, find the job role you wish to edit, click on Actions next to the role and then click on Edit

Once on the edit page scroll down and you will come across the competency section. This appears as a table with the first row populated with all available competencies. Relevant competencies can then be dragged to the adjacent columns. 

Most competencies you will most likely want to be assigned to the "selected competencies" column, but if you wish to make it so a competency needs to be at a certain level. drag the competency across to one of the other columns.

Once a competency has been dragged from the available competencies to another column click save and you're done!