Setting up Competencies.

What are competencies?

Simply put Competencies are the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviours required by an individual to complete their role. Similarly to the company values, the formal review process will allow individuals to measure themselves against the skills and abilities they should have to complete their role successfully. This part of the article is all about how you set up Technical competencies.

Creating Technical Competencies.

To create a technical competency first head to the admin area of Immerse Works, next click on Technical Competencies which you can locate under Reviews. This will then bring you to the technical competencies page where you can find all current technical competencies that are set up for the business.

To create a new technical competency click on Actions in the top right-hand corner of the page. Then from the dropdown click on Add a Technical Competency. 

This then brings up the form to create a new technical competency, simply insert a title, a competency level and the description. We have included some examples below to help out:

Web Design - Basic Level - Be competent in completing all  basic functions to support the company website

Phone System - Be competent in the use of the phone system -
- Know what to say when answering external calls
- Know how to put calls on hold
- Know how to transfer calls
- Know what to ask when taking messages for colleagues

Microsoft Office - Be competent in using  Microsoft Office - Be able to competently use:
- Google Mail
- Google Docs
- Google Sheets
- Google Slides

Excel Skills - Expert Level - Be able to do all the intermediary skill level plus:
- Know how to use V look-up to manipulate data
- Be competent to teach others in excel skills

Delivering Quality Code - Delivering Quality Code - Ability to deliver quality code adhering to best practices and principles with abstraction in mind and ensuring defects are not injected

And there you go! Now you know how to set up technical competencies.