As part of the review process on Immerse works users will be asked to review themselves against certain outcomes. As the admin of the system, you can edit and add new outcomes. This support article is all about how out you create new custom outcome profiles. 

A guide to creating Custom Outcome Profiles on Immerse Works.

  • Sign in to your Immerse works system as an Administrator
  • Click on the Admin cog on the right of the header then head to Custom Outcome Profiles/Custom Outcomes which you can find located under the Reviews heading.
  • To create a Custom Outcome Profile, click the Action button in the top right corner then click Add New
  • Create a Title and click Create Outcome Profile.
  • Create new Outcomes
    • Add a title
    • Assign a value
    • Assign a colour value
    • Click Save

Now let's try setting up a custom outcome profile.

First I would head to the Admin cog on the right of the header then head to Custom Outcome Profiles/Custom Outcomes.  Next, click on the link and load the 'Custom Outcome Profiles/Custom Outcomes' page.

Once here I click on the actions button and then on Add New. This then brings me to a page asking me to input a title:

The title is what you will use to identify the outcome if you have many. For example you could create two outcome one for behavioural competencies and one for technical competencies. Or you could create an outcome for a specific job role!

For now, I have named my outcome "example". I would next click on the Create Outcome Profile.

This then brings me to the page where I can set up my outcomes. I first put in the title, then assign the value and colour. Once I'm happy I click save.

I then go on and follow this process to add 4 more outcomes! I have now created a custom outcome profile!

Once the outcome profile has been completed you can then assign this as the default or to a competency!

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