April Release Notes 2020

I hope you are doing well as can be, given the continuing situation we all find ourselves in.

This is our monthly update to let you know that here at PDW Group, we will be continuing to run our services as normally as we possibly can, including all of the support we offer.

Support is still available between the opening times of 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri, and you can still get in
touch by email or by our office phone number.

Here's an update on
 what's been happening in April, if you've got any questions or need any system support you can reach us by emailing support@immerse.works

What's New?

Line Manager Access:
Line managers now have better access to the application! Now after turning on an option in the system settings. Users will have the ability to view and edit other users details who they are a line manager for. This means a line manager will now be able to view information such as a users logged TOIL or any documents they have.

TOIL Improvements:
We've also made some improvements to the visibility of TOIL on Immerse Works. This now includes:

  • The ability to set a default period for the expiration of TOIL with the ability to lock this down if needed.
  • New reporting features for TOIL in the report builder. Allowing you to now generate reports about TOIL including the number of days, the reason and any manager comments.

Learning Module Scoring & Certificates:
We've added a couple of new options for learning modules! These include the option to add a score and a certificate after the course is complete. You can turn this on when setting up the module, and users will be presented with a modal when they finish asking if they wish to input the score and certificate.

Line Manager Notifications:
Another option we added for learning modules is for line managers to receive an email notification when a user has finished a module. This can be especially useful if a line manager needs to keep track of a users learning progress.

Changes to assigning users to a course:
We've also made assigning users to a course a breeze. Now when assigning new users you will see new assign buttons next to a users name allowing you to quickly assign one user.

We've Fixed?

  • Notice Period Duplication - When assigning a notice period to a user 1 month appeared twice and 2 months did not appear. This was just a visual bug and is now fixed. 
  • Fixed a bug where when an admin tried to book a holiday for a user their own holiday figures were appearing and not the users.

What's Coming Up?

Multifactor Authentification:

We're adding multifactor authentification to our system. Making it more secure than ever.

Timestamps for courses and modules:
Courses and modules will keep track of how long has been spent on them. Meaning you will be able to generate reports about how long a user is spending on them.

Customer Success Team