February Release Notes 2020

We're dedicated to the continuous improvement and development of Immerse Works to stay at the forefront of digital workplace technology. 

Our developers have been busy building some new features and improvements that will make using Immerse Works a breeze.

This is what we've done in February, if you have any questions please let us know by emailing support

What's New?

Login Experience:


Your login page has a new look and feel! We've redesigned the way you sign in to your account and we've made resetting a forgotten password faster and more secure. we also have a new password strength indicator.

SAML Sign-on:

We now have the ability to integrate with SAML 2 single-sign-on. 
To help you connect Immerse to your SAML 2 identity provider, Immerse Works now includes a guided setup tool.

Email Notifications:

We've redesigned our email notifications to make them easier to understand and use. Emails now look clean and clear to help you get the most out of your notifications. (Look out for Merse the robot too!)

Email Functionality:

On top of changing how our emails look and read, we have also changed the way that they function. When you now click on a link in one of our emails it will now send you to the corresponding page.

Company Values:

Company values are a great way to underpin the behaviours required to achieve your vision, but not all companies have these. 
Company values are in the first section of a formal review in Immerse Works. We've made it so that if you don't have company values in the system, the page will no longer appear in your review.
If your company doesn't have a set of values, you might want to read our blog post on just how valuable they can be. 

What Been Fixed?

  • We've fixed an issue where only administrators could perform certain functions within the system. We've reviewed our permission settings to ensure users can now rate courses and view the programme catalogue, and managers can respond to course & programme enrolment requests.
  • When you leave your computer unattended for too long, the system times out to protect you and your data. After listening to your feedback, when prompting you to log back in, you now have the option to return to where you left off instead of returning to your dashboard by default.

What's Coming Up?

Xero integration:

Xero integration is one step closer! The ability to link Immerse Works with Xero will be coming soon!

Immerse API:
We are in the process of developing our own public API for Immerse Works to give you more flexibility with our system and also allow you to integrate with other applications.

Customer Success Team