January Release Notes 2020

As Immerse is a great tool for growing & developing your people, we think it's only right that the system itself is grown and developed over time too.

Our Dev team are constantly working on new features and improvements that, as an Admin, we think you'd like to hear about. 

So here's what we've done in January; if you have any questions let us know by emailing support.

What's New?

Google Drive integration:

We are happy to announce that your Immerse Works system now has Google Drive integration! Admin users can now quickly save reports generated, straight to the Drive allowing them to quickly distribute this to colleagues. Learn more click here: How to save a report to Google Drive.

Logging users holiday as an Admin:

After listening to your requests we have now implemented a way to log holidays and absences as an Admin user. To find out how, simply click on this link: People - Adding holidays and absences as an admin.

New support articles:

We are excited to announce that we have produced a suite of Support Articles! Currently, it's all about holidays, but we've got big plans and more will be coming soon! Check them out here.

We've Fixed...


  • Company and Public holidays no longer ignore the holiday profile it was applied to. Meaning users will no longer be assigned holidays that aren’t relevant to them.
  • Lockdown days now appear for an admin when viewing a user’s calendar. Meaning Admins can now see exactly what the user sees.
  • Users can no longer book over their allowance, the system now takes into consideration pending holidays that are awaiting approval. This now stops the issue of users going into negative numbers.
  • Holidays booked over a bank holiday now calculate their total correctly. There was an issue on the system that when you booked a holiday over a bank holiday it would total the holiday incorrectly.
  • Monthly views calendar days now line up with the correct dates. We've changed the formatting of the monthly calendar to make it easier to read.
  • Secondary line managers can now be removed. We fixed the problem of after assigning a secondary line manager you could not remove them again.


  • Updated the Event emails so the link sends you through to the events page rather than accepting the event. This means that users can now view the event before excepting it.

What's coming up?

Calendar integrations:

We are now working on a way to integrate the holiday calendar on Immerse Works with a users' personal calendar. Meaning you no longer have to put everything in twice!


Xero integration:

We are also working on a way to connect Immerse Works with Xero payroll!  This means that when users' payroll information is updated on one site, they automatically update on the other.

Thanks and until next time!

Customer Success Team