Within your business, you may have different users that work different times and days from other users. this support article is all about how to set up immerse-works to accommodate for this.

Setting up a new work period:

  • Login to your Immerse works system as an Administrator
  • Click on the Admin cog on the right of the header then head to System Features that can be located under the General Heading
  • Click on the Work Period Default dropdown
  • Click on Add/Edit Work Periods
  • To create a new period enter a name for the period and click on Add+
  • Next, select the edit button for the new period
  • Input the start and end times for the days that the user works.
  • Click Save Changes
  • You can now assign this to the user either during setup or via editing their holiday settings as an admin.

For example, let's say we need to set up a work period for a part-time worker.

  • First, we would head to the admin section of Immerse works
  • Then we would click on System Features which is located under General Heading

  • Once we've accessed the system features, we need to click on the Work Period Default dropdown then on Add/Edit Work Periods.

  • Next, we need to add a name for the Work Period, once we've done that we can click on add+ to create the new period.

  • This will then appear in the list below if someone has already created work periods you may need to use the search bar to find it. once we've found it we can click on the edit button (the blue box with a pen.) 

  • When in the edit view we can input the times for the work period. Each day has a start time and ends time drop-down and a box for the length of the break.
  • Once all the relevant information has been filled out, click on Save Changes.
  • Congratulations you've now set up your first Work period! Now let's assign it to a user.

  • To assign a work period to a user we need to head to the user's profile via the admin menu.
  • To do this we first need to head back to the Admin area.
  • Next, we click on People which you can find under the General heading
  • We now need to find the user which we wish to assign the work period
  • Once we've found the user click on Actions and then on View/edit
  • Once on the profile scroll down to Holiday settings
  • Next, we locate the Work Period dropdown located in the holiday settings and click on it to show our new work period.
  • Now we can click on the period and assign it

  • Click on Save Changes and we've now assigned the period to a user!

That's it, you're now done. You can now repeat the process to add multiple work periods to different users.

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