On Immerse users can book TOIL via there calendar. If a user happens to input the wrong information this article is all about how you can fix this.

A guide to viewing and editing toil on Immerse Works:

  • Login to your Immerse works system as an Administrator
  • Click on the Admin cog on the right of the header then head to PeopleĀ which is located under the General heading.
  • Locate the user whos toil you wish to view or edit, then click on Actions and then on View/Edit
  • Scroll down to Holiday settings.
  • Scroll down within Holiday settings and you will find all TOIL logged by a user.
  • To edit or delete unallocated toil click on edit or delete.

For example, let's say we need to check how much Toil a user currently has booked and what the reasons are behind them.

  • First, I would head to the admin section of Immerse works
  • Then I would click on People which can be located under the General heading.
  • Next, I find the user which we need to check. Once found I click on Actions and then View/Edit

  • Once I'm viewing the employee details I can scroll down to their Holiday Settings.

  • Within the Holiday settings, I can now view a user's Toil along with any comments attached to them.
  • From here I can now edit the TOIL by clicking on Edit or delete the TOIL by clicking on delete

  • You can also use this page to see which TOIL days have been allocated or partially allocated. TOIL days are chronologically assigned when TOIL is booked by a user in the calendar.

Hopefully, this support article helps. If not feel free to look at a few of our others or send us in a ticket.

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