When using Immerse-Works you might find that you need to view a user's holiday or sick days. Instead of navigating all the way to their calendar and figuring that out you can view them all in one place.

A quick guide to adding new public and company holidays:

  • Login to your Immerse works system as an Administrator
  • Click on the Admin cog on the right of the header then head to General and then Company/Public Holidays
  • The list of all company holidays on the system will be shown here.
  • To create a new holiday click on Actions in the top right and then click Add New.
  • On the new page fill in the relevant information and click Save

For example, if we need to set up a public holiday for Christmas Day.

  • First, we would head to the admin section of Immerse works
  • Then we would click on Company/Public Holidays which can be located under the General heading.

  • This section will show all the company and public holidays currently on the system. 
  • To add a new holiday click on Actions in the top right and then on Add New.

  • You can now add the relevant information regarding the public/company holiday you wish to add.
  • Company/ Public holidays can be set up using different holiday profiles so that they only affect certain users. You can do this by creating a new 


That's it, you're now done. You can now repeat the process to add multiple holidays.

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