If a user needs to be re-added to the system after being set as a leaver. This article will give you a step by step guide on how to do so.

A guide on how to re-hire a user on Immerse Works:

  • Login to your Immerse works system as an Administrator
  • Click on the Admin cog on the right of the header then head to General and then People
  • Click the Action button in the top right corner then click View Leavers
  • Once on the leaver's page find the user you wish to re-hire and click the Actions dropdown
  • Then click on Re-hire
  • Enter their start of employment date and click Save

Now let's try re-hiring a user.

So I've set a user as a leaver. But I've found out from my management they need to be added back to the system.

First I would need to login in with an administrator enabled account and head to the admin area and click on the people link located under general.

On the people page, I would then need to click the Action button in the top right corner then click View Leavers

Now we can see everyone that has been set as a leaver on the system. If you have a lot of users set as leavers you can search for specific users using the provided search bar.

Once the user has been located you can click on the action drop-down and then click on re-hire.

This will then prompt you for the start of the employment date. This will be the date when a user is added back to the system.

That's it, you've added a leaver back to the system! 

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