There may be a time where you need to set a user on the system as a leaver. This article is all about how you go about doing just that.

A guide all about setting a user as a leaver:

  • Login to your Immerse works system as an Administrator
  • Click on the Admin cog then click on people which you can find under General.
  • You will be presented with a list of all users on the system
  • Find the user you need to set as a leaver and click on Actions
  • Click on Set as Leaver
  • Input the user's End of employment date
  • Click Save

For a more in-depth guide on how to set a user as a leaver see below.

  • First, head to the admin section of Immerse works
  • Then we would click on people which can be located under the General heading.
  • From here we need to search for the user. 
  • Once we've found the user in question click on Actions to reveal the options for that user.

  • Once we've opened the menu you can see that there is an option to set a user as a leaver.
  • Once this is clicked input the leave date and the user will be set as a leaver. 

Please not once a user is set as a leaver they will no longer have access to the system.

And that's it your done! For information on how to view a leaver follow this tutorial here: How do I view my companies leavers?

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