You can add users to your system right from the get-go and set them up to work as part of your team. You can set everything up including holiday settings and pay by following this tutorial.

A quick guide to adding users to Immerse Works:

  • Login to your Immerse Works system as an Administrator
  • Click on the Admin cog on the right of the header then head to General and then People
  • The list of all users in your system is shown here
  • To add a new user, click the Action button in the top right corner then click Add a person (New starter)
  • Then fill in any relevant information regarding the user.


- If you reach your subscription limit this can be increase in Billing.
- You will need to click on the Admin cog then head to the Billing tab located under the general heading.
- If you then click on change plan you can upgrade your user limit.

Now let's try adding a user.

Personal Details

  • Once you've clicked on add a person (New starter) you'll open up the New Starter page. 
  • You can now enter the user's details including there title, name, surname, date of birth, work email and password.
  • It is important to get the users email correct, as this is how the user logs into the system and also how they will receive any email notifications.
  • The password will be what the user uses to log into the system. You can set this to anything you like. This can always be changed later by the user.

Contact Details

  • The contact details section of a user's profile is completely optional and can be left for the user to fill out at a later date.

Employment Details

  • The employment details section is where you can put important information about the users this includes the employment start date, the probation end date, position, work period, contract type and their line manager.
  • The position is the user's current job role. The list that appears can be added to by adding a new job specification. Learn more about Job Specifications.
  • Work Periods is the period of time a user works in a week and will affect how they take holidays. If the user works part-time or different hours from the default work period, a new work period would need to be created. Learn more about work periods.
  • You can add a Line manager for the user by clicking on the dropdown. This is important if you are planning on using the system for performance reviews. Learn more about Formal Reviews. It is also important for features such as holidays and e-learning. 
  • Business units and locations can be added here from the respective dropdowns. if you need new business units or locations they can be added via the admin section. Learn more about Business units and Locations.

Pay Details

  • The pay details section of a user's profile is completely optional, but this is where a users wages can be entered.

Holiday Details

  • You can input a user's holiday entitlement here including if it is in hours or days.
  • The holiday year profile can be added via the dropdown. This will be where you can set if your holidays run from the start to the end of the year or follows the financial year. More options can be added if needed. Learn more about Holiday Periods.
  • The public holiday profile can be changed here as well. More options can be added if needed via the dropdown. Learn more about public holiday profiles.

  • Once everything has been filled out click on submit.

That's it, you've added a new user!

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